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Monday, March 15, 2010

Amazing Minutes

Welcome to the AmazingCatechistsTM blog! I'm floating this little dingy off the back of our ship at in order to make it easier for you to listen to my short lessons on teaching the Faith, as previously broadcast on Lisa Hendey's podcast, CatholicMoments.

Do check out Lisa's beautiful podcast. It's always, always worth a listen! Tune in while you're making dinner, working out, washing the car or folding laundry. She's got other guest hosts besides me: Avery, an incredible teen who talks about the Faith from a young person's perspective; Deacon Tom, with his wise and endearing lessons in the Faith; Sarah Reinhardt, with her lovely Mary Moments; and Lisa's featured guests, who include fascinating Catholics doing great work in the home, in the workplace, the community, and in the media.

This little storage facility for my segments is by no means meant to direct you away from CatholicMoments, but just to assemble them, in order, for anyone who has missed one or two, or all of them! God bless you as you learn and pray and teach. If you place your trust in Jesus Christ, He will always be at your side! Here are the links to the first ten installments. Each one is a minute to a minute-and-a-half long. Enjoy!

  1. Introducing Amazing Minutes, by Lisa Mladinich
  2. Amazing Minute: Pentacostal Fire
  3. Amazing Minute: Making Lessons Fun
  4. Amazing Minute: Holy Purity
  5. Amazing Minute: Lesson Planning
  6. Amazing Minute: Using the Bible in Class, Part I
  7. Amazing Minute: Using the Bible in Class, Part II
  8. Amazing Minute: Using the Bible in Class, Part III
  9. Amazing Minute: Learning Styles, Part I
  10. Amazing Minute: Teaching Styles, Part I
P.S. If you'd like to hear my conversion story and some background on the founding of Amazing Catechists, listen to my interview on Pat Gohn's podcast, "Among Women." [It takes a few minutes to load.]

Love and prayers to you all!

Lisa Mladinich
Founder, AmazingCatechistsTM
[All materials, except "Among Women" broadcast, copyright Lisa Mladinich. "Among Women" is owned by Pat Gohn]

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